Multiple Children, Multiple Monitors?

This is a very common scenario many parents are facing. A lot of parents face these questions, “Can I watch multiple monitors at the same time?”, “How do I watch multiple cameras at the same time”

The answer depends on the type of Baby Monitor involved.

Standard Baby Monitor

If it’s a standard baby monitor, you need to check with your model. It’s easy to find said answers on the manufacturer’s website. We know for a fact the Infant Optics DXR-8, which we recommend as one of the recommended long distance models in the market, to allow upto 4 cameras to be viewed at the same time.

(Not on the same screen though. You have to press the button to jump to the next camera). Check your model on the internet to find answers.



Wifi / IP Camera Baby Monitor

If you own a Wifi / IP Camera Baby Monitor or plan to purchase this type, it’s a pretty simple answer. YES. Simple add more cameras, install to the same app, activate the grid mode in your app and VOILA. You will be able to see upto 8 cameras on the same screen 🙂

If you are still deciding on purchasing a baby monitor that allows you to watch multiple children at the same time, take a look at our recommended models. Not only are they top ranked, but they are well known for they long range capabilities.

Is it Possible to Watch Baby Monitor from the Computer

There are two types of baby monitors in the market today. One is the Wifi / IP camera used as a baby monitor, and the second is the standard issue Baby Monitor.

The standard issue baby monitor works on frequency that is securely linked between the camera and it’s respective monitor. These kind of baby monitors cannot be viewed from the computer unless you are a pro-hacker (the Mission Impossible type)

The Wifi / IP camera baby monitor can be viewed from the computer. All you need is the PC app provided by the baby monitor. Install said app, login with your secured username and password (that you created in the baby monitor app on your phone), and voila. You can now view the baby monitor or multiple baby monitors from the PC.

Depending on the brand, you can view not one but many monitors at a time from the PC.

We recommend the Yi-Dome Wifi Camera for your baby monitor needs as it has excellent support and a full featured website answering most of your questions with videos and other guides. 

Watch the video below on how you can connect your baby monitor to view from the PC